Postnatal Doula

In our current society the needs of parents (and families) with new babies are often overlooked and forgotten about in the desire to make sure the new baby is being well cared for or simply from exhaustion and feeling the pressure to run around doing a 101 things. Often a mother will focus all her attention and energy on caring for her new baby at a cost to her own health and well being. I like to point out that giving birth to your baby is an awesome, amazing accomplishment that deserves at least having a good rest and being looked after. Hence the reason a postnatal doula ‘mothers the mother’ and helps to support the whole family.

As your postnatal doula I would help you have the time, energy and confidence to be able to enjoy and bond with your new baby with as little stress and as few concerns as possible and no judgement or criticisms. It is important that you are able to regain your strength and energy (this also applies to your partner) so as to be able to look after yourself and your baby. I will encourage, support, nurture and help increase your confidence in how to care for your new baby. Every baby (as well as every family) is unique and I want to help you have the opportunity to learn to trust your instincts and know your baby. I want to help you be the parent you want to be and look after your baby the way you see fit and best.

I can look after your baby while you have some much needed sleep or a long, relaxing, peaceful soak in the bath, go for a haircut or perhaps help you with older siblings, walking the dog(s) or help do some light housework and cooking etc, giving you the time to focus on yourself or your baby without worrying about other things. If you would simply prefer a chat (perhaps while I paint your nails) and to show off your wonderful new baby I am more than happy to oblige! I will support you with breast or bottle feeding. Whatever helps you and your family. My aim would not be for you to ‘just cope’ with your new baby or ‘just get through each day’ but actually enjoy and treasure those first few precious days and months of your baby’s life, confident, at ease and rested.

Night-time Doula

If you feel you need support at night or you want to have a full night of undisturbed sleep, safe and confident in the knowledge that your baby is being looked after lovingly and safely then I am also available as a postnatal night-time doula.

  • I am fully CRB checked
  • I am first aid trained including having an up to date paediatric first aid certificate.
  • I have experience of working with newborn twins.

I have assisted parents with breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and finger-tube-feeding.