“We truly enjoyed working with Alex. She is both professional and personable. She struck the right balance when it came to making decisions by informing us but not trying to influence our choices. She was supportive and made sure to advocate for our expressed wishes and birth plan during labour.”

“Having had Alexandra made the whole process much more straightforward. Also having someone stand up for your needs is great. She is warm, patient, caring, and knowledgeable and has a calm aura but also is firm enough to speak her mind and talk confidently to doctors.”

A father’s words: “Alexandra gave me masses of support. I would have panicked without her. Her experience, knowledge was priceless for me.”

“She is a star. She is there without imposing herself but does all the right things and can also support partners. She never imposed her opinion but hears your ‘voice’ and is always honest.”

“Alex is a very kind, funny, honest and considerate person. We felt completely at ease talking to her about anything and she always had great information and support. She is absolutely lovely and trustworthy and has great skills in seeing what is required at particular points in time.”

“Alex is a warm, friendly and very open person. She is easy to relate to and very empathetic. She was very knowledgeable about everything we wanted to discuss. She was very professional and discrete in her support in the birth centre. She was extremely calm and collected.”

A father’s words: “From the moment my wife told me she was pregnant again until meeting Alex after our second scan I was terrified and having flashbacks. But Alex instantly put me at ease and gave me the space and reassurance to say what I needed to say without me feeling judged or guilty. She helped us look forward to our daughter’s birth and gave me the confidence and reassurance as well as the pre birth prep, I think I needed to support my wife in hospital. Alex looked after us so that our second experience was completely different from the first. She knew what we wanted and what we didn’t want and we ended up having a labour that healed old wounds. She was super, always relaxed, helping to keep us both calm, she just seemed to know what we needed and when we needed it… warm and understanding.”

“I felt ready to go and prepared after our antenatal sessions with Alexandra. She gave me all the information I needed and also patiently and knowledgably explained the ins and outs of everything and why it all works the way it does. She knows her stuff. I felt confident when labour started knowing that she was at the end of the phone if my boyfriend or I needed her.”

“I loved my labour. I want Alex there again when I do it a second time around.”

“Alex is such a kind and caring person, but she was also strong and direct when I needed her to be talking with the hospital staff and medics when I couldn’t. My labour took a bit of time to really get going but she kept us both amused and distracted at home and her back and foot massage was gorgeous. I felt wonderfully supported by her every step of the way.”

“I would find it hard to trust even my mum or Luke’s to look after the twins and I couldn’t just leave them to get on with it but I know that it is ‘me time’ when Alex is in the house. I trust her and know they are safe…. I love her chicken and coconut curry.”

“Thank you so much from all of us Alex….. Even with all my training and the squad’s intense fitness drills I must admit I have never been so taken aback by the power of the female body as I was on Wednesday when **** just seemed to quietly breath out ******. He just appeared! It was all so peaceful and calm…. **** had her headphones in and I was stroking her shoulders and then he was here, I swear even our midwife (she was brilliant 2,) didn’t realise until he swam out….”